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Mysterious Cambria

Mysterious Cambria On the way to San Francisco, we stopped at a typical American motel in a small town called Cambria. It is about 220 miles away, or about 3.5 hours from Los Angeles. Cambria is located by the coast of the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful valley, hidden among pine forests. The charming little […]

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Botswana- Zambia

Botswana- Zambia At last, we waited, half a day spent at the gas station, it seemed to be an eternity. In the end, they returned, healthy and tired, of course with their lost thing -passport. We were finally able to cross the South African border with Botswana. It was already an afternoon, we spent about […]

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Avenue of blooming oranges

Avenue of blooming oranges Seville is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities I have ever seen. The capital of Andalusia is associated primarily with the flaming flamenco dance. The name probably derives from a bird flamingo, and the dance is compared to a bird’s flapping wings and blooming lotus flower. Aiming to present a […]

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She is going to Africa

She is going to Africa That day I found out about the surprise, which was a trip to southern Africa.. It still makes me smile when I think about it.. Me? Going to Africa? I’ve always associated vacation with peace, somehwere by the seaside, in sunny Spain or one of the paradise islands. All days […]

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Cross the border

CROSS THE BORDER After eleven hours of travel we landed in Johannesburg. I remember that terrible heat. I dreamed about a shower and dressing up in something summer. Straight from the airport we went to pick up, previously reserved 4 × 4 cars. If you can imagine, these are off-road vehicles in which everything is prepared for camping. There are two […]

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Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool Far away from the roads, hidden somewhere in the fields, surrounded by high grass, a place where only sandy road lead to, this was our lodge. It’s here we were spending another night. We were entering the fenced area when a black-skinned, chaming man greeted us. He was keeping this place in order, […]

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