Antique, crystal

Antique, crystal It would seem that in the south of France the sun always shines and the temperature in this region does not drop below zero. In fact, winter is more like autumn here, but today’s day was extremely cold. In spite of this, cold didn’t discouraged antiques’ lovers!  As in every first weekend of […]

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In the heart of Toulouse

In the heart of Toulouse In each first weekend of a month in the centre of Toulouse since 30 years there is three-day flea market in the Allée Francois Verdier. It is the biggest market among all markets in the region. This magic place hidden among the row of trees nearby to the beautiful park […]

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Glamour and elegance

Glamour and elegance   Speaking of the region known for the best wine in the world, you probably think about Bordeaux straight away. Yes, it is about this city, I would like to tell you about the capital of wine , but above all I want to show you what antique collectors  are selling. Located […]

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Avenue of blooming oranges

Avenue of blooming oranges Seville is one of the most beautiful Spanish cities I have ever seen. The capital of Andalusia is associated primarily with the flaming flamenco dance. The name probably derives from a bird flamingo, and the dance is compared to a bird’s flapping wings and blooming lotus flower. Aiming to present a […]

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On the „Square under the spire”

On the Square under the spire During my last stay in Wrocław I visited the  antiques marketwhich is located on the „Square under the spire”. Though it hasbeen organised since many years it has been my first time I was threre. I honestly hoped that it will be much bigger. Nevertheless I wasn’t disappointed because there were many interesting i beautiful things. I also watned to see what Polish antiquecollectors have to offer. I have to admit that in comparison to France or Britain there ismuch chepper and you can find there some very unique thingsthat I really was impressed. Interestingly, sellers tell the story of selected items and where you can find them if you need to buy more. And this rarely happens. In most cases, you have to get information from them and even be obtrusive to find out more. I really […]

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