On the „Square under the spire”

On the Square under the spire

During my last stay in Wrocław I visited the  antiques marketwhich is located on the Square under the spire”. Though it hasbeen organised since many years it has been my first time I was threre. I honestly hoped that it will be much bigger. Nevertheless I wasn’t disappointed because there were many interesting i beautiful things. I also watned to see what Polish antiquecollectors have to offer.

have to admit that in comparison to France or Britain there ismuch chepper and you can find there some very unique thingsthat I really was impressedInterestingly, sellers tell the story of selected items and where you can find them if you need to buy more. And this rarely happens. In most cases, you have to get information from them and even be obtrusive to find out more.

I really liked the glass bottles of medicines. I’ve been hunting for them such a long time. In the 1950s, they belonged to one of the pharmacies, which is located in the Wroclaw market and functions until today. The salesman told me that, a large number of them is still stored in the attic in one of the tenements. Can you imagine this attic? I would love to visit such places and see what their owners keep there.

At the market. you can also find a lot of German porcelain In comparison to the prices offered at the German flea markets I think that some sellers definitely overdo prices.


Look what a trumpetImmediately the thought comes to my mind  who played it, where and when? Nothing but hang it on a wall made of beautiful red brick and use it as an original decoration.Right next to a crystal mirrorAh … these mirrors are so beautifulMy biggest dream is to have one huge, standing in a golden decorated frame. Or the old cash register, like from the candy store by weight. Isn’t it beautiful? I saw a similar one in my favorite Wrocław bar, where I raged to Cuban rhythms the previous night!!

Walking through the flea markets, I love this feeling when I can move back to the old days, listen to interesting stories about antiques or bargain with sellers. It’s nice to meet so many people in one place, fascinated by the same things as me!

An additional curiosity is that the green areas near the Centennial Hall where the market is located are on the UNESCO list, so it is really worth seeing this place and go for a walk.

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