Devil’s Pool

Devil’s Pool

Far away from the roads, hidden somewhere in the fields, surrounded by high grass, a place where only sandy road lead to, this was our lodge. It’s here we were spending another night. We were entering the fenced area when a black-skinned, chaming man greeted us. He was keeping this place in order, cleaning and taking care of the garden. I have to admitt that, comparing to the drought that we saw on the way, flora here was well taken care off and regulary watered. Lodge was owned by a Dutch married couple of pensioners, who always wanted to live in Africa.

I started dreaming immidiately, what else can a man want? What else do you need to be happy? I’d love to live in a place like that myself.

Log houses, located by the river looked frugally from the outside. But, to my surprise, they weren’t ordinary houses like the ones we often see at camping sites. Believe me, they were mega exclusive, beautifully decorated interiors. Each one with a big terrace and breathtaking view.

We chose the cheaper option though, which were mobilne tents, but it wasn’t too bad 🙂

One of the attractions of this place was a pool in a river, in which hippos were swimming. It was hard to call it a pool to be honest, it was more like a cage immersed in water with a little bridge around it. I was very happy that on such a hot day we were able to safely swim in the company of hippos. We only saw them for a while, because they were spending most of their time under the water. Only in the distance, when a big stain was suddenly appearing on the water’s surface we knew that one of them is emerging minimally. Then everyone was shouting oo, there, there! Maybe it’s better I didn’t observe them from a close distance.


A bigger adventure was awaiting us on that day- a pool that not everyone would want to jump into.

In The National Park of Zambia on the border with Zimbabwe, there are one of the biggest and most beautiful waterfalls in the world, Queen Victoria’s Waterfalls, which were discovered by David Livingstone. He wrote with fear himself:

„I crawled in fear to the very edge, I looked into the big slit, which went across the wide Zambezia. Looking into abyss you can’t see anything but thick white cloud”


It’s here, literally on the edge of cliff and at a hight of 110 meters that „Devil’s pool” was created naturally.

Would you swim in that kind of pool?

As for me, it was a wounderfull experience, although only from looking at it I had my heart in my throat. The road to the watering place itself made me shiver, it led by slippy rocks, it was really hard to go through it. And after that we also had to swim to reach it. Of course we were accompanied by a tour guide, so everything was under control. He helped us jump into the pool so we didn’t hurt ourselves while walking on the slippy rocks. In that moment I was thinking that this was the last moment of my life, if he doesn’t catch me this is it for me!!! It is impossible to discribe the feeling of being on the edge, where just next to you the water falls into the abyss. You’re thinking that it only takes a moment to find yourself down there! It it really a great exprience! Moreover, there are little fish in the pool that make your time pleasant by picking your feet, it’s a kind of fish pedicure, it may scare you at the beggining.

I It’s us in „Devil’s Pool” jacuzzi.


This kind of „enchanted dandelions” grow by the waterfall.

Devil’s Pool Victoria Falls from Paulina Glinka on Vimeo.

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