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After eleven hours of travel we landed in Johannesburg. I remember that terrible heat.

I dreamed about a shower and dressing up in something summer. Straight from the airport we went to pick up, previously reserved 4 × 4 cars. If you can imagine, these are off-road vehicles in which everything is prepared for camping. There are two tents mounted on the roof of each of them.Additionally there is a field kitchen with a gas bottle and all cooking equipment. It turned out that there is even a fold-out shower, which I couldn’t use now. Just a small house on wheels, which you can pitch in any place.

Of course at your own risk.

Johannesburg I could only see from behind the car window. This city didn’t impress me so much. Maybe because it stuck in my memory as one of the most dangerous places in the world, or maybe because we didn’t have enough time to look at it closely.

Immediately after completing the formalities related to renting cars, we set off. The evening was approaching, so we didn’t have much time. From Johannesburg we went north  less than 200km and arrived in Bosveld, where we spent the first night.

We were too tired, so we decided to go to the hotel and sleep in a comfortable bed.

The next morning, we were awakened by a beautiful November morning. Wgot up very early to go on our way right after breakfast. The sun was just rising, despite such an early hour it was possible to feel that a hot day was coming. While in Europe winter was ruling, here summer was just beginning.

Our first goal was to cross the border with Botswana and reach Livingstone, where other friends from Paris were waiting for us.

It was about 300 km to the border.Everything was new and so beautiful to me, I took pictures one by one. I still couldn’t believe I was in Africa

It was so hot that without air conditioning we couldn’t withstand. I regret to say that the roads were better than many in Poland.However, we had to watch out for cows, donkeys and goats which walked on the asphalt surface without fear. On the roadside stalls, you could buy watermelons, melons and other juicy fruits. At this viewgot drooling. So in a great mood we were passing charming villages and we admiring the scenery. After three hours we reached the border with Botswana.

The border crossing wasn’t big and not too crowded, it seemed that everything would go smoothly. The most important thing now it was  preparing passports and vehicldocuments. Suddenly it got nervously, one passport was missing. Our friend Manu lost his passport. It is  impossible, it must be somewhere. We’ve been looking for it everywhere, but with no resultWhat will happen now, where to look? At some point, we realized the worst option, he could leave his passport in the hotel room. We immediately contacted the reception. Of course! The maid found a passport, it was in the toilet. No, this is not really happening. When he was using the toilet, the passport had to fall out of his back pocket.

But what next, we had no choice but to return. At the very thought, I felt weak. Come back 250 km and then drive 250km again. Thats 500 km altogether.

We decided to separate. There was no point in going through the same route with two cars. We were supposed to wait on the spot. Manu and Dana had to return to the hotel. 

There was no other way to recover the passport.

That’s how we spent the rest of the day at a gas station near the border …

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