She is going to Africa

She is going to Africa

That day I found out about the surprise, which was a trip to southern Africa.. It still makes me smile when I think about it..

Me? Going to Africa?

I’ve always associated vacation with peace, somehwere by the seaside, in sunny Spain or one of the paradise islands. All days spent with a delicious, exotic drink or sightseeing lovely surroundings with my beloved one.. Yes, because I can only dream about a divine Latino while drinking a drink that he possibly serves me.. Walks at sunset and romantic dinners at seaside restaurants, where fresh fish are served. So a typical holiday planned by a travel agency, when you don’t have to worry about anything and come back well-rested with charged batteries to face your everyday life.


No! „She” is going to Africa now, it’s the only place she hasn’t visited yet…Of course I’ve never had a problem with sleeping in a tent or using public-use places at the campsite. However, I was told to prepare myself for extreme conditions like no access to running water even for few days depending on where we can find accomodation. Is that a joke, I thought. But hey, you only live once, I will be fine. Girl! You’re going to Africa! I stocked up on dry shampoos, so even in the bush I look good. We’re going, the adventure is on!


As it turned out later that was going to be our least worry and because all the new impressions I even forgot about the dry shampoos. We were planning our trip for 6 months. During 2 weeks we were going to visit 4 southern Africa countries: Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and RSA. So about 5 thousands km in total.

We analized pros and cons of our big trip with our friends. Despite the initial disputes considering the route we wanted to conquer in such a short time we finally reached an agreement. We were all very excited. However, thinking about the whole matter realistically we also estimated costs in case if any problems appeared. We checked every available place where we would be able to rest and safely spend the night. But most importantly, we set the goals of our trip- what we wanted to see the most. It would seem that after such a long time spent on talking and preparing we managed to create a perfect plan.


Everything was prepared so we could go. At that time, when I was looking at the map and all the points marked on it I was not aware what’s awating us : )

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