Botswana- Zambia

Botswana- Zambia

At last, we waited, half a day spent at the gas station, it seemed to be an eternity. In the end, they returned, healthy and tired, of course with their lost thing -passport. We were finally able to cross the South African border with Botswana. It was already an afternoon, we spent about an hour at the border crossing, it went without any major adventures. We decided to spend the night in Francistown, so we still had to travel over 200 km. We wanted to make up for the lost time and reach out to the other two of our friends who were just waiting abroad in Zambia. In the evening we arrived in the vicinity of Francistown, on the camping field, which we found on the route. This was our first camp. We were very tired but we had no choice, first we had to spread all the equipment. Of course, it couldn’t do without a gala dinner. After such a tiring day, the grill and some cold beer was like a dream come true. At that time I wasn’t even so tired, I was glad that in the end everything worked and we are all together. That evening was so wonderful, the first real night under the open sky. Complete silence only from afar reaching sounds of African crickets and high-pitched sounds of wild animals. Despite everything, I wasn’t afraid, I knew that we were in a safe place, and the camping field was fenced.

The next day, early in the morning, just after breakfast, we set out on our way to Zambia. When we were driving, we passed some elephants. Can you imagine them standing under trees, entire families just by  the road. Previously, warning signs, attention elephants seemed funny to me. Until we saw one of them on the roadside, but dead. He was hit by a truck. A pile of meat and dumped guts at this temperature. Something terrible, horrible sight and this unpleasant smell. It was a pity to him, I don’t even want to mention it. I wondered how someone could not have noticed the big elephant on the road. After this terrifying sight, we decided to take a short break, we stopped at the car park. There was a wooden table and some benches under the tree, and next to them the board, it said “A stop at your own risk”. A very encouraging place, through the eyes of the imagination, I already saw the snake falling on my head. My eyes were wide open and all in all the only thing I dreamed about was to get in the car and drive on. After a day’s journey, we arrived at the border, Botswana-Zambia. This what we found there was impossible, border crossing of Botswana. In the office, we waited in a long queue to hand over the completed documents and register the cars. It’s been an hour, one, the other. Finally! We were ready to get on the ferry. Yes! We had to cross  the river by African ferry to reach Zambia. Immediately a local group ran up to us, assuring us that they would help us in everything and speed up the formalities related to the briefing, and thanks to their connection we will efficiently omit the queues. We let ourselves be caught on the bait then yet unaware, naive tourists. Before entering the ferry, if you could call it that, we had to pay our midfielder $ 30. We thought ” why not”. If he can help us to make everything go smoothly, why not use it. We have all loaded up ourselves on their raft, like a ferry, with us some truck, next to our two cars and a crowd of people with bundles. At that time I thought my God, where am I, where are my dream vacation. Where is my drink and exotic beaches. Five minutes later we were on the other bank. I wanted to laugh but I stopped myself because it was not the best moment. We got to the office and all over again , fill in documents, waiting for our time to come.

A million questions, why we came here, for how long and what plans do we have. Where is the guy who had to help us? I knew straight  away that something is going wrong here. We spent about three hours there, without the promised help. After all this confusion, in the end we could leave the offices and continue our journey. I remember when we were getting  into the car suddenly our midfielder appeared  but this time with a team of ten. They stood in front of our cars so we could not leave this place and demanded $ 200 from each car. At first, we burst out laughing, they are probably joking. However, no one else laughed, and their faces did not mean that they were joking. The situation got tense. I had the impression that one of them would soon pull out a knife. We left the cars to go to the office and ask who are these people because there must have been some misunderstanding. Then we heard from a woman in the office that it is normal, they are known for it, and this is their permanent way to get money from tourists. Nevertheless, the pushy helpers did not give up, there was nothing left to do but to run away, because what we were supposed to pay them for. All responsibility fell on me, because I was sitting behind the wheel, my legs were shaking terribly , but who, if not me! Everyone got into the car, I pressed the gas pedal and moved forward as fast as I could. I saw them in a cloud of dust running behind the car. That’s what the border crossing to Zambia looked like!

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