In the heart of Toulouse

In the heart of Toulouse

In each first weekend of a month in the centre of Toulouse since 30 years there is three-day flea market in the Allée Francois Verdier. It is the biggest market among all markets in the region. This magic place

hidden among the row of trees nearby to the beautiful park  attracts crowds of people from all around. By my opinion visit this market is one of the most interesting attraction of Toulouse.

In such a beautiful, hot day like today, when the sun shines, and the crowns of trees cool with their shadow, the walk in this place is just a pleasure. Walking through these small avenues between white tents full of beautiful items, I imagine a long time ago France

Of course there’s always something that catch my attention but unfortunately, I can’t always afford it. I have to say that this is one of the most expensive markets I have ever visited. In addition, the French don’t like to bargain. In other way the products they offer are really valuable and rare, so their high prices don’t surprised me at all.

I pass the first stall and  beautiful crystal mirrors in gold, richly decorated frames catch my attention.  For sure straight from Louis XV palace.

Right next to a charming sideboard and porcelain standing in it. Together, they form an interesting composition. I keep walking and what do I see, a beautiful chest of drawers from the XIX century, eclectic French style. Probably from one of the offices as the names on the drawers indicate it. Perfect, in my style I’d like to take it in.

You can buy everything you want here. Among antique wardrobes, sideboards, porcelain, fabrics and paintings the jewelry stands are shining and among of all of these perfumes in original retro bottles.

The time of lunch approaches, the smell of grilled meat is rising in the air. The sellers take a break, but it doesn’t bother anyone, even better because now I have a moment to calmly take pictures. I’m so hypnotized, I could spend the whole day here. I’m reaching my favourite tent. I like here everything. This stall is really amazing. Filled with wooden boxes in which there are test tubes and bottles after medicines from the old French pharmacy. On the tables there are prototypes of insects closed under glass shades. Next, skeletons and jaws of fish, for a moment I have the impression that I am in a biology class.

I had to look there a little bit and what I found – butterflies. Beautiful, I already know where I will put them.

You can also find wooden toys at the market, though they look no match today’s, I think they are unique and much nicer. First of all because they are handmade.

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