Mysterious Cambria

Mysterious Cambria

On the way to San Francisco, we stopped at a typical American motel in a small town called Cambria. It is about 220 miles away, or about 3.5 hours from Los Angeles. Cambria is located by the coast of the Pacific Ocean in a beautiful valley, hidden among pine forests. The charming little town has not much to offer after  the tourist season.

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For most people, it is rather a place of a quick stop, where you can find cheap accommodation to rest, and then continue your journey towards The Hearst Castle. We arrived in Cambria around the noon, there were no residents in the streets, and the bars and restaurants were empty. In spite of the calm but strange atmosphere that prevailed there, I was very curious about this mysterious place.

For a moment I even had the impression that we are  on the set of a western. As it turned out later, I wasn’t wrong. There was the original bar in which a long time ago you could meet real cowboys in Cambria. It is still open today it’s called Mozzi’s Saloon. Now there were no cowboys or anyone but us.

In the evening we went to one of the local bars. Right at the entrance, accosted us, an elderly lady sitting alone and drinking beer on the terrace. She immediately recognized that we were arriving, invited us to a table and told us something about this place. The town was formerly famous for its fishing and mercury mines. Later, the inhabitants exported timber and dairy products.

In Cambria to this days  has been preserved the old Santa Rosa Church, the Squibb-Darke house,and even about hundred years old Brambles, Santa Rosa School, the Hoosegow, the Gordon Howard Home and  one of the first, built in 1865 the Lull House, now a part of the Bluebird Inn hotel in which we stayed. In the summer, many tourists come to Cambria, the place is also popular with artists.

In the nice company of an old lady, we drank beer and listened to interesting stories about Cambria. The evening was still early, and we didn’t want to come back to the hotel yet. In the distance, some music was heard so we decided to check the place right away. That’s how we got to the restaurant on the hill, where we could listen to the country music.


The main street was full of antique shops. As soon as I saw it, I thought I was in paradise. Everything offered by the seller was definitely different from our European antiques. Of course, you could also find unique furniture and beautiful items. I liked a lot of things but I could not buy them because to take them with me to France, I would probably need to load the entire container.

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