Garden inspirations

Garden inspirations


I love weekends like this when I can indulge in my passions in peace. One of them has been sewing for some time. You’ll probably think, another modern dressmaker. Indeed, it has recently become very fashionable and a lot of people are coming back to sewing. Everyone sews, the internet is full of diversity in this area. The offer is wide, full of ingenious, carefully made accessories for children, home, dogs and what a single person  only dreams of. I sew for home. My home is my studio, I constantly create and change something in it. Sometimes I just have not enough time to implement all my ideas.

Over the last weekends full of work  I could not take care of my new little project. I really wanted to change something on my terrace, to make  it a bit more beautiful. As soon as I have a free moment during the day, I spend it in the garden, so this is why I like when it is nice but  primarily cozy. I consider this part of the house with the whole garden as a special place, very important to me. A place to relax with a good book and a glass of wine or meetings among friends.


So I thought that the perfect addition would be a new garden set, my terrace can’t be slapdash. This time I decided to sew quilted chair cushions and  a table cloth. I started the machine and got to work. The cotton checkered material I bought at a nearby warehouse was perfect. I wondered only which color to choose green, red and blue. The green is nice, the red looks a bit like an Italian restaurant.


Immediately I chose that blue checkered material, it reminded me my beloved Provence, and I have already seen how wonderful it will be compose with lavender.

Here is the effect of my work.

Serie 881

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